Funeral Benefits

The Association offers a funeral service participation plan by delivering a eulogy on your service career and providing additional material to highlight your involvement with Ambulance.

Our thoughts are that the event itself can be made easier for your next of kin if they are aware of your wishes when funeral service plans are being made.

In order for us to make preparations, we would like ascertain your wishes in relation to the following list:

  • Service flag on your coffin;
  • Ambulance Officer’s cap;
  • Ambulance Awards;
  • National Medals;
  • Historic Ambulance attendance;
  • Representation from Ambulance Service Pipes & Drums; or
  • A eulogy at your service.

We would also like to gather some information on your career to assist our eulogy.

Download a copy of our Funeral Participation Offer Funeral Participation Offer and return to our Secretary