Welfare & Community Support

Welfare for all Members and Families

With the ongoing development of our Association, your Committee has approved the groundwork for a more formalised structure of a Welfare Program.

The basic idea is: The District Co-ordinator will take the lead in assessing the needs for welfare of our Members within the District and with the assistance of one or more Members ensure that the Welfare of Sick, Injured or Bereaved Members and/or families are cared for.

There are many and varied ways to address these issues, be it through the Association directly, Local Council, The Members Doctor, (if known) or other support services. Ie: Red Cross, Salvation Army, Lifeline, Chaplaincy via AV just to name a few.

It is anticipated that the Co-ordinator will be able to gain the assistance of a “Welfare Liaison Officer” from within the District to liaise with the Member and/or family for any necessary assistance. All Co-ordinators and Welfare Liaison Officers will be supported by our Association Welfare Co-ordinator, John Clancy in all areas of involvement. John will send out Get Well and Sympathy Cards as required but will need to be contacted with relevant details to ensure the correct details are transmitted to our Members and their families.

This Welfare Program is, and will remain, totally separate from the Peer Support Program and focus mainly on the needs of members who, as stated, are unwell, injured or bereaved. We anticipate that with this program there will be the need for “follow up” action over a period of time to ensure that the Member and/or family is able to re-establish their life style and feel an interracial part of our Association.

Should any Co-ordinator, Welfare Liaison Officer or Member require any assistance at any time please contact John Clancy on Mobile: 0425 752 071 or Secretary, Ian Cameron, on Mobile: 0435 010 943.

In association with the Welfare Program we have now introduced a policy to guide and assist Members, whether they be Full Members, Associate, Honorary or Life Members, in any areas of Discrimination or Harassment. Should any Member feel they have been defamed contact our Welfare Officer, John Clancy or Georgie Hall who will assist in any request or complaint.

The Full Policy appears with the Constitution and other necessary documents