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    Ian Cameron

    Minds Together paramedic research study

    I’d like to introduce Lyndon and Philippa from Everymind, a NSW based Institute that works towards the prevention of mental ill-health and suicide.  This team are conducting a Randomised Control Trial (RCT) called Minds Together, a new research project designed to help support paramedics displaying any symptoms of mental ill-health or suicidal distress.  It is aimed at family and friends who may be supporting current or former paramedics and there does not need to be a formal diagnosis of a mental health condition. They are hopeful of spreading the word and getting strong participation, hence I wanted to connect them with our wonderful Retired and Former Employee (RAFE) peer team (Janelle and Phil) and the Retired Ambulance Association of Victoria (RAAV)

    More information can be found here.

    The team also shared a video with tips:

    • a sample video from our program (2mins) –  Top tips from paramedics and family

    This type of research is critical to increase our knowledge of how best to support our loved ones and friends, or even ourselves.  You may want to consider sharing it amongst your circles and I thought it may be appropriate for the RAAV community.

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